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How Do I start my own Jewelry Business?

Would you like to get into the jewelry business.  There's lots and lots of money to be made selling on ebay,on your website, at flea markets, in a kiosk or mall store or even owning your own brick and mortar store. 

There's just one catch.  It's almost impossible for someone to break into the jewelry business without help.  That's why you always see family owned jewelry stores.  The people in the business know that they have a good thing and they are not eager to flood the market with competition.  Even on the wholesale and importation levels.  It is usually someone who is buying the diamonds overseas and sending them to their brother or cousin who is the wholesaler here in the United States.  His relative back in Israel or Antwerp probably bought it from a relative who was the cutter, who bought it from his relative who was the siteholder. 

Chicago Diamonds, Inc dba: Diamonds Chicago is one of the worlds largest Diamond Importers and Manufacturers.  Diamonds Chicago supplies a large percentage of well known jewelry stores, diamond dealers, brokers, independent wholesalers etc.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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Diamonds Chicago has created this branch of the company to Recruit new people into the industry.  This is a unique opportunity for you to:

1) Be able to buy expensive diamond and diamond jewelry at or below wholesale.

2) Start your very own successful Jewelry Business.

3) Learn little known trade secrets that will allow you to succeed in the jewelry industry instead of Failing.

4) Make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a prosperous business that just keeps growing every year.

5) Finally be able to break into a well guarded industry that does not allow "new blood" to enter.

6) Design and manufacture your own line of diamond, gold, platinum, and gemstone jewelry.

7) Finally be the success in life that you always knew you could be.

8) Learn how to market, advertise and sell diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program Normally costs $5000.00

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You may not even wish to be in the Trade.  Maybe you just want to be able to buy beautiful Fine Diamond Jewelry without getting ripped off.  This program can help you achieve that in two ways. 

1) Buy purchasing this program you are automatically entitled to buy loose diamonds (certified and non-certified), diamond jewelry, gold, platinum and silver and precious gemstone jewelry at wholesale prices. 

2) You will learn more about the industry, diamonds and how to buy them.  You will also learn alot about the characteristics of a diamond and what to look for when buying a diamond. 

If you still desire more information about diamonds we can refer you to schools that will teach you everything there is to know about diamonds. However this schooling will not be necessary after you have this program unless you want to further your education to the point where you are certified to grade diamonds.  

Once you are an informed buyer, You will save money simply by knowing what you are buying. 

The kind of discounts on jewelry that you can expect to receive are huge.  In most cases you will be buying at least a Third of the retail cost of the jewelry.  You can buy a piece of jewelry that retails for $600, for $100 and sell it for 1/2 off retail at $300.   Or you can sell it for $200 and undercut all the competition.  You still double your money.  We will tell you how to market your jewelry (more on this later). 


Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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Ok so you've always wanted to own your own business.  What do you look for in a business? 

1) You want one that will make excellent money.

2) One that you can do on whatever scale you want, Grand or small, Part time or full time.

3) spend as much money or a s little as you want.

4) will grow and have a demand for in the future.

5) The inventory can easily be liquidated for what you paid for it or more

6) Maybe even something you can pass on to your children. 

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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The first thing to look for when deciding what business to get into is Profitability.  The JEWELRY business is by far the leader in this category.  What other business can you buy something for $100 and sell it for $600.  There are many mom and pop stores out there that have this kind of markup.  They offer superior customer service and a knowledgeable sales staff.  This makes the customers feel more comfortable buying from them.  Even though they may be able to find a better deal elsewhere.  The big chain and mall stores offer better prices.  They may sell The same item for $300-$450.  But The salesperson is an idiot and not only do they have horrible sales skills, but they lack any sort of knowledge of what they are selling.  You may not realize this because you are not knowledgeable of diamonds. 

You will be able to sell the same product for $200-300.  More than doubling your profit while at the same time offering excellent customer service and knowledge that will make your customer trust you more than the competition.  Most people will pay more for the same diamond from someone they trust because they know that they are getting a nice, real diamond that is worth the money that they are spending.  Combine that with the fact that you are way cheaper than anybody else and word will spread like wildfire. 

You can do this on whatever scale you want.  If you have lots of money, you have nothing stopping you.  Go ahead and start out big.  You now have one of the largest suppliers of diamond jewelry in the continent backing you.  But there are just as many people who want to get into this business that are not rich.  These people can do this in their spare time while still working full time to pay the bills.  Several Successful customers of ours have done it this way and several are now. 

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to 

This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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One man was a plumber making $80,000 a year fixing leaks.  He started selling jewelry on the side.  His first year he made $85,000.00 selling jewelry part time.  When asked if he would quit his day job he responded "My goal is to make $250,000.00 a year selling jewelry.  When I do this, I will quit plumbing.  It is only April and I am already almost halfway there.  Looks like this is my last year getting dirty for a living." 

His is only one success story, but there are hundreds others.  It's hard to get testimonials out of our customers for the same reason it's hard to get into the industry.  Nobody wants to Tell anybody their secrets or how they did it and none of them want to give up their suppliers.  But now you will know everything.  Just sign up for our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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Our "part-timers" range from men and women, mechanics to hair dressers. 

If you are one of those cosmetics salespeople who do the in home parties.  This is a perfect opportunity for you.  One of our customers used to do that.  She never got the pink caddy, but she did make over $260,000.00 in her first year. 

If you throw any type of sales parties like candle parties, lingerie parties, food parties, plasticware parties.  This is perfect for you.  You will have a room full of women with your full attention and their checkbooks in hand.  Not only that but they are in a buying atmosphere and not on their guard and fending you off like the sales person at the mall store.  What is the first thing you say to the sales associate is the store when he says "can I help you?"  You say "just looking".  He put you on your defense.  We can help you to sell better and not put people on their guard. 

Whatever your situation there is a way to do this program.  You can sell at Flea Markets, Kiosks in the mall, Open a store, sell on Internet auctions, mail order, place classified ads, magazine and newspaper print ads.  You can sell locally, nationally or worldwide and ship the products.  You can sell on your very own website.  We will even drop-ship the order for you.  We have a shipping Dept already in place that can process your orders and ship them to your customers with your company logo and return address.  We will help you set up your website and promote it as well.  Separate fees may apply.

Whatever you needs and wants are, we can customize a program for you.  Call 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to for more info. 

 This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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I will not kid you, There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Even when your friend takes you to lunch there is usually a favor he wants of you.  This business is just like any other successful business.  It takes money to make money.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  You will get into it what you put out of it.  Monetarily and effort wise.  

You can start out with as small of an investment as you want or as large.  There is no minimum.  You can even buy your inventory on credit.  After you build credit worthiness in this industry you will be able to buy on "memo" which means that your suppliers will ship product to you on your word that you will either pay them on a timely prediscussed condition or send the merchandise back. 

For example, Once you have made several purchases from us and we know that you are good for it and your checks go through, You will be able to request a diamond on memo to show your customer.  This is how it works.  Your customer tells you that he is interested in a particular diamond.  Let's say that your selling price is $5000.00.  You will be buying it from us for $2500.00.  There is no guarantee that your customer will actually buy the stone once you pay for it and it is hard to get someone to put out $5000.00 on something they have never seen.  Although this gets easier once you get a good reputation for beautiful diamonds at fantastic prices.  You will be able to order this stone from us on memo and we will send it out to you to show to your customer.  Usually you have 3-5 days to show it.  After that if they bought it Then you send out the check for the diamond.  If they didn't buy it you just send back the diamond.  No money out of your pocket. 

There are even payment "terms" that can be worked out.  15 Day net means that you will send the check within 15 days.  you may pay a little more for the diamond on terms for 15 days the diamond may cost you $2600.00, 30 days $2700, 45 days$ 2800 and etc. 

Most memo terms don't go past 30 days with an occasional 45 day term.  It is in your best interest to pay quickly since you get the diamond cheaper and your customer is paying you right away anyway.

After working with us for a year of so, you will now have one of the strongest references in the industry in case you ever want to buy from another distributor. 

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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There will always be a demand for fine jewelry and that Demand is only expected to rise.  Think about it, after the 9-11 incident, Engagements were on the rise.  The amount of people getting engaged went up drastically.  People realized that they may not have all the time in the world to do it.  The same thing happened again with the war in Iraq.  And then the SARS outbreak.  These catastrophes are an investors nightmare, but yet the jewelry industry still thrives. 

Diamonds are a great investment!  They used to back money with Gold because even if the value of the dollar fluctuated the gold remained relatively the same.  Lately, Gold has even been going up.  Well even the price of gold fluctuates, but DeBeers controls the price of diamonds.  It always stays steady no matter what the economy or the value of the dollar does.  

You would never buy a car as an investment because the second you drive off the lot, you lose thousands of dollars.  The same thing happens when you buy diamonds at the jewelry store.  You are paying huge markups.  The guy who works for the car manufacturer can buy a car for $6000.00.  For him, buying a car is a great investment.  He can drive it for two years and sell it in the paper for $15,000.00.  You will now have the opportunity to buy diamonds like this.  Only eventually even the car will not be worth even what he paid for it.  The diamonds will only increase in value.

If you buy $50,000 in inventory to sell for $300,000.  At least you will have the comfort of knowing that you could easily liquidate the stock for your money back or a small profit.  With most businesses, your investment in inventory is a loss if you decide to sell out or go out of business. 

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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This is the start of a Legacy that you can leave your children.  The Family Jewelry Store.  Who wouldn't want to leave their kid's a future like that.  Your customers children will be your children's customers.  The jewelry business has a snowball effect like that.  500 customers become 1500 who become 4500 customers.  And this effect is generational too.  That is why the strongest jewelry stores have been passed on from generation to generation. 

You could always sell the store and get way more money than just the inventory.  You will get "KEY" money for the customer base and the name that you have established for yourself.  You could sell a Business with $50,000 in inventory for $250,000.  And if you own the building that will appreciate too.  Most Jewelers amass an inventory worth well over a million dollars over the course of their career.  The average Jewelry store owner can sell his business for 2-3 million.   

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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I know someone who paid $100,000.00 to a guy to teach him the business.  And it was well worth it because now his company makes millions of dollars a year. 

Once you have the sales techniques down some people like to start designing their own jewelry.  It's really easy you don't have to know how to carve wax yourself to design.  There are also plenty of pre made setting designs to choose from. 

We can help you market your company, make more sales, close more deals, sell more volume etc.  We are very willing to help you succeed.  The more you sell, the more we both profit.  So it is in our best interests to help you succeed.  We will help you diagnose what you are doing wrong.  We can offer helpful suggestions.  We already know which marketing and advertising techniques work.  We can save you money and help you spend your money more efficiently.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

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Remember the man that spent $100,000.00 for someone to help him break into this business and now is making millions a year.  This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.
I once knew a guy who wanted to get in his local union but there is a sign up once a year and he tried the last few years to get in and could not.  He paid one of the union business administrators $5000.00 to get him his union card.  now he makes $75,000 a year.  That was well worth it to him.

So you can see that paying a one time fee of $5000.00 for the potential to make Millions is not bad.  It was well worth it for him just to make $75,000.00 a year Right!  This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.

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This is what purchasing this SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE will do for you.:

1) The right to purchase certified loose diamonds ( certificates by GIA, EGL, PGS, HRD, AGS, IGI and etc.) Directly from the importer at huge savings from wholesale prices. 

Now you will be able to buy Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry just as cheap as the biggest chain stores do.  Without our help you probably wouldn't be able to find anybody else who would sell to you at real wholesale prices let alone the huge discounts off wholesale that we can offer you. 

2) You will receive personal one on one counseling over the phone or in person at our downtown Chicago location.

3) Your personal trainer will teach you how to Read and use the Rapaport Diamond Report.  This is the single most useful tool in the industry.  This monthly publication gives the current wholesale trading values of each and every size, shape, clarity, and color of diamond on the market.  This report is commonly referred to as the New York Wholesale Price List.  This report sets the standard that everybody in the industry uses to price and buy their diamonds.  You cannot survive in this industry without knowledge of this report and access to it.  At first you will not be able to access this report on your own.  With our sponsorship you will be able to access it through us. 

4) We will take you buy the hand and show you the business.  Explain how things work, tricks of the trade, sales techniques, How to start you own business, credit card processing and etc. 

5) We will answer any questions that you may have about the industry.  We want you to succeed. 

6) A phone conversation up to one hour long with the President of This Multi-Million Dollar company.  This alone is priceless.  He can point you in the right direction, tell you what to expect from the business and give you invaluable advice that you will use and cherish for your whole life.  If you want to be a millionaire, talk to Donald trump.  If you want to be a millionaire in the jewelry trade talk to:
Michael J Kelly, President of Chicago Diamonds, Inc.

7) One Hour of live phone support and unlimited email support. 

8) Help with web design and Internet marketing.  Fees may apply

9) Access to our huge Diamond database of over 40,000 certified loose diamonds.  Access to the database will be obtained with a password given to you when you sign up for the program. 

In the near future you will be able to upload portions of our database to your own website for use as your own inventory.  Additional fees may apply for this upgrade. 

10) We will help you decide what inventory to stock customized for exactly the type of marketing you will be doing.  We know what sells good on ebay as opposed to what sells in a brick and mortar store.  We know what sells the best at home parties, mail order or classified ads.  We will help you get the most bang for your buying budget. 

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.

This is not an ebook or some cheap informational down load.  This is real hands on training by a paid professional in the industry. 

We will take you buy the hand and walk you through every step of the business to make sure that you succeed.    
It is almost impossible to succeed in the jewelry industry without the sponsorship of a large corporation like this, unless you already have family or friends in the business who are willing to put their neck out on the line for you.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to  This Sponsorship program normally costs $5000.00

This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.

You will also receive Two hours of phone counseling.  One with our President and one with one of our top Jewelry and Diamond professionals.  You will also have the option to speak with a GIA Certified Diamonds Graduate.  That's over a two hundred dollar value! 

If you ever need additional help, counseling is available for $100/hr.  Choose one of our option packages and you get any additional counseling you need for half price!  That's $50/hr.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to

This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.

GUARANTEE:  If you ever decide this is not for you or just need to get out quick for financial or any other reasons, you may refund your inventory or any portion there of.  A 20% restocking fee will apply.  There is no time limit on this Guarantee.  If ever you decide you want out, even if it is 5 or ten years down the road, you are still eligible for the return policy. 

So, you have nothing to lose and the world of Diamonds to gain.  This program will change your life.  Start living a life you can be proud of.   

This SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM used to cost $5000.00 but now you can get it for $249.99.  Click here to find out how.

Feel free to call us for a free consultation to see if this is right for you.

Call 1-877-SELL-JEWELRY 1-877-735-5539 or send an email to

ORDER NOW.....your life will never be the same!

Certified Loose Diamonds at Wholesale to the public prices

If you are not in the Jewelry business but would like the best deal possible on a Certified Loose Diamond, Click Here to go to Diamonds Chicago.  If you find a diamond cheaper anywhere just call us and we will beat the price.  1-877-BUY-WHOLESALE  1-877-289-9465  1-312-422-0400

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If you are already in the Jewelry industry, Click Here.  Chicago Diamonds, Inc can offer you the finest quality certified loose diamonds at the lowest  wholesale prices.  Now you can buy direct from the importer instead of your local wholesaler.  This will save you money and increast your profits.   

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